Mission and vision

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UPN (National Pedagogical University) is a highly specialized research and professional training institution in the field of Education. Over more than three decades, it has also served in-service teachers engaged in Basic Education with a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs.

With 76 academics campuses and 208 sub-campuses spread all over the country, UPN currently serves some 80 000 students, most of whom are teachers in the Public Basic Education System. Accordingly, UPN faculty is engaged in Basic and Applied Research conducive to school-based innovation, emergent pedagogical models and intercultural and bilingual education, among other objects of intellectual pursuit.




  • To promote educational change through professional development and graduate studies programs.
  • To foster strategies and prototypes pedagogical centered on achieving inclusion, equity and justice.
  • To collaborate with the Ministry of Education in programs designed to increase learning and enhance teaching.
  • To disseminate new knowledge to promote the preservation of local, regional and national culture.


To cover the needs of highly specialized professionals through its distance learning programs and to continue to stimulate and lead the intellectual debate in the field of Education.